Board Update: Next Stage of the Review Process and New Trustee

The Next Stage of the Review and Consultation Process
Next week the next stage of the review process begins, as we start to receive reports and key recommendations from our independent parties and consultants. You can read more about the full review roadmap here.

The Arise Board reiterates the intent of the review and consultation process is to bring healing and reconciliation for those that have been hurt, and to help Arise to learn, to grow, and become healthier and a more beautiful representation of Christ in Aotearoa and the world.

In regards to the Review Roadmap, the Board appreciates the positive responses and constructive feedback it has had to date on its release. This Review Roadmap is intended to be a transparent, consultative, and Holy Spirit-led process. By its nature it will be an organic and adaptive process, with the need for time spent in prayer and reflection and to take on wise counsel. For these reasons, aspects of the Review Roadmap’s structure, process, scope, and timing may need to change and adjust as it progresses. We expect that regular, ongoing updates will be provided to ensure transparency and accountability is maintained.

The Arise Board reiterates its commitment and desire to see Arise become a church more fully reflective of what Christ intended; a safe and welcoming place that is shaped by the Gospel and the gifts and callings of the people who call it their home.


New Appointment to the Board
The Arise Board would like to announce the appointment of Anna Pasikale as a Trustee to the Arise Board. Anna was appointed to the Board unanimously effective 16th of June 2022. Anna and her whanau have been members of the Arise community for over 10 years. Anna has over 30 years’ experience in the NZ public service and the NGO sector. She has held management and advisory roles in the areas of governance, justice, anti-corruption, health, education, vocational training, human rights, equity, research and evaluation. She has worked across New Zealand and in the Pacific region. The Board welcomes her breadth of experience and her willingness to serve the church, its staff, and its members.


FAQ's this week:

What is Arise doing about/how is it addressing its honour culture?
As part of the Review process, the Board and Review Advisory Council (RAC) will be addressing the ‘honour culture’ at Arise.

Is there a disconnect between the Board and the leadership at Arise?
The Board and Leadership remain united in their resolve to see those who have been hurt find a pathway to healing and reconciliation. We collectively believe this is a significant and important opportunity for Arise to learn, to grow, to become healthier and a more beautiful representation of Christ to Aotearoa and the world. The Arise Board and Leadership has been working together on a near daily basis over the past three months, and will continue to navigate this significant change together.

What are John and Gillian’s positions/involvement at Arise?
As previously announced John and Gillian have formally resigned however during the transition period they will remain employees. However, during this transitional period John and Gillian have no formal decision making capacity, will not be acting in any pastoral or preaching roles, and will have no delegated financial authorities. While the review is underway John and Gillian Cameron attend Arise services as congregation members only.

How is input from the Arise congregation going to happen throughout the Review process? How will congregational members of the RAC be selected? Given Arise boasts over 10,000 members. How can 2-3 be proportional?
The terms of the Review Advisory Council (RAC) including the selection of its members have not yet been finalised, these terms will be published by the Board when they have been finalised. The RAC and hui will work to ensure that many views and perspectives of members are able to be heard, as practically possible.

Media Enquiries

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