MBIE Update

Hi Church,

This is a short statement to inform you regarding some information circulating online today.

The Board were issued with an infringement notice by a Labour Inspector from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) in January 2023 relating to a request to supply information of specific employee records, this notice means Trustees have temporarily been stood down from their ability to recruit migrant workers.

The Board has now been able to provide the requested information which relates to pay, leave and holidays that were recorded correctly for the sample of employees that was requested. The Board has requested the removal of the infringement notice accordingly and have been informed by the Labour Inspector that the infringement notice was subsequently under review.

To reiterate, Arise Church has provided the requested information to MBIE. We have cooperated with the Labour Inspector throughout this journey. Any suggestion that the Board or leadership has been stood down from governance or leadership is incorrect, Board members are temporarily unable to recruit migrant workers whilst the notice is being reviewed. We are disappointed that this information has circulated whilst they are still working through their process.

Whilst the current Board and leadership are continuing to work through the necessary changes highlighted in last year’s reviews, we are confident that this matter with MBIE will be resolved promptly.

Thank you,

Arise Board

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