Delay to Release of Pathfinding Report

Pathfinding was created as a safe and trusted place for people to share both their good and bad experiences about Arise. The priority was to ensure people felt their voices were heard and experiences confidentially recorded. Over 545 people engaged with this process, with many sharing their stories for the first time with counsellors and psychologists. The Arise Board wants to again acknowledge those who came forward and bravely shared their stories. We thank you for your courage.

As was committed from the inception of the Pathfinding process, the final report from Pathfinding was to be released publicly. This was originally scheduled for the 29th of June. As previously shared, the public release of the Pathfinding report was delayed in order to ensure that what was presented in the final report was done so responsibly, within the principles of natural justice and remained within the bounds of the law, and in particular, to uphold the privacy obligations that both Pathfinding and the Arise Board hold to all parties.

It was the Arise Board’s intention to release publicly the full report from Pathfinding on Thursday 7th July 2022. It is deeply regrettable this delay continues because there is now an urgent non-publication order over the report. This prevents the Arise Board from releasing it as scheduled.

The Arise Board strongly maintains its desire and intent to release the full Pathfinding report publicly, and acknowledges that by doing so it honours those who have come forward to share their stories on the understanding that the results of the report were to be made publicly available. It is also important for the healing and restoration of those who have been hurt and for our church, that there is acknowledgement of hurt caused, genuine repentance shown, and forgiveness sought. This will allow a pathway to genuine reconciliation and change, and will help Arise become more of what we are called by God to be—a church that will authentically shine Christ’s light and love in a world that desperately needs the truth of the gospel message.

We thank our Church, wider community and key stakeholders for their continued patience while Arise responds to this legal action. The Board is unable to give a timeframe on the release of the Pathfinding report, and is committed to upholding its privacy obligations and so cannot comment further on the matter for now.

The Arise Board maintains its commitment to the ongoing Arise Review Roadmap, including the Duncan Cotterill review being provided to the Arise Board in late July, followed by other specialist internal reviews from Parry Field Lawyers and the accounting firm, BDO. The findings and recommendations from these reports will then be handed to the Review Advisory Council (RAC), who will consult with Arise’s staff and congregation before making final recommendations to the Arise Board.

– Arise Board

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