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ARISE Church has been serving God, people and our community since 2002. Here's a media article from the past that provides a glimpse into the journey.
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The goodwill and generosity of the Wellington public was on show in Wigan St last week.

Within hours of the devastating Christchurch earthquake on February 22, Arise Church decided to try to fill a truck with essential items for those in the affected area.

However, a constant stream of Wellingtonians turned up with donations during the last week, filling seven trucks, one bus and two shipping containers.

The final truck is due to leave Wellington today.

"There have been a lot of people coming down," said Daniel Tiaiti, associate pastor of Arise Church, Wellington.

"We just put the word out and were overwhelmed by the response. To be honest, we just had a truck and a bus lined up and we realised that it wasn't going to be enough."

The donations covered the floor and car park of the Arise Church offices in Wigan St and more, dropped off at the Michael Fowler Centre, filled three of the Wellington Convention Centre's trucks.

Donations were also collected from the Hutt Valley and Kapiti Coast. Items donated included food, water, toiletries, clothing, linen, tools and even lollipops for children.

Mr Tiaiti said everyone had been really generous and supportive.

"A lot of the general public called up wanting to help. We have even been able to put our trucks on the ferry for free."

The trucks, buses and shipping containers were gifted to the church by local businesses to help get the goods to Christchurch.

When they arrived they were delivered to a warehouse belonging to a member of Arise Church, Christchurch.

"Obviously a lot of people in Christchurch have been very affected by this [the earthquake], but there are also a lot of people less affected who want to do something," said Mr Tiaiti.

"Our team on the ground in Christchurch have delivered everything they have received and are reaching areas that the media and civil defence haven't reached yet.

"We are getting stories of people down to their last half loaf of bread and single parents with no food at all."

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