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ARISE Church has been serving God, people and our community since 2002. Here's a media article from the past that provides a glimpse into the journey.
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A much-needed sick bay and medical room will be built for the Hutt Valley Teen Parent Programme this weekend.

If the weather on Saturday is fine, members of Wellington's Arise Church will work day and night to complete the extension they have largely paid for as well.

The 30 square metre extension worth $120,000 was offered after an Upper Hutt Leader article about the Ministry of Education's refusal to build it.

The school, in Miro St, was one of the country's first. Later schools had extra facilities.

An architect, who attends the church, has drawn up plans, city council building consent has been obtained and underground services moved and piles concreted in.

This week a tarpaulin will be put over the site to keep the foundations dry.

Teacher in charge Debbie Whiteley says the school caters for 32 mums and their children.

"We are very excited that it's happening."

Ms Whiteley says the church had already built a playground for an early childhood centre in Newtown when a member read the Leader article and thought the teen school would be a good project for them.

Church members include many builders and tradespeople who will be donating their time.

The church made grant applications and got discounts on materials.

They are also paying for plumbing fittings, carpet and a special medical bed for examinations.

The extension will have a medical room and a sick bay so children who become ill can be physically isolated until they can go home.

It will also be the end of staff sharing a small office near the main entrance with visiting health professionals and social workers.

Work will begin before dawn on Saturday and end by midnight. A council building inspector will stay on site.

School mums and staff are rostered to feed the workers who could number up to 100 over the course of the day.

If all goes to plan, the extension will be ready for use on Monday morning.

Rosemary McLennan

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