Changes to the Arise Board

Tēnā koutou katoa. This is a further update on our previous communications. During the course of the independent review of Arise we, the Arise Board, will stay in touch with you on our progress, and attempt to ensure that you are kept informed of any changes.

During this time it is important that Arise’s governance remains clear and effective. Changes have been made to ensure there is strong independence at board level from the management of Arise Church. This is especially important during the independent review that the Arise Board has initiated. The Arise Board is also making these changes to widen its scope of skills, knowledge, and input; and looking at additional ways it can support the staff during this difficult period to operate and manage Arise Church well.

John Cameron has voluntarily stepped aside from his pastoral duties, and Brent Cameron is currently on leave. They have also resigned from their positions on the Arise Board, effective Tuesday 12 April 2022. They have expressed support of the independent review that is taking place.

Robert Reid and Kylie Fletcher (Ngaa Rauru ki Tahi, Ngaati Ruanui, Ngaati Porou) have joined Graeme R. Kirkwood and Israel Cooper on the board as two additional non-executive board members. They were appointed on Friday 15 April 2022. This will help ensure that the current reviews taking place are independent from the management of Arise, and that any necessary recommendations are implemented.

The Arise Board has expanded the independent review to include its governance processes and structure, as well as its composition. Pending the results of this review there may be additional changes made to the Arise Board to provide even further robustness and input.

The Arise Board is committed to hearing and understanding people's stories, and uncovering the facts to bring relief and healing to those who are in pain, in order to put into place any corrective action that may be needed.

We want to encourage all past and current members, staff, and volunteers who have been hurt or have a complaint to get in contact with the independent reviewer that has been established. It is important they hear all stories.

The contact details for the independent reviewer are:

Phone: 0800 274 731

— Graeme R. Kirkwood
Arise Board Chairperson

Media Enquiries

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