Brothers Reunite at Breakfast Club...

ARISE Church has a ‘Breakfast Club’ initiative which aims to create a family environment in low decile schools while feeding kids a healthy, cooked breakfast when they otherwise might go without.

This year alone we have had 200 volunteers across 31 Breakfast Clubs and have served 75,000 meals that have impacted over 4,500 families. We believe that it is essential to make a long and lasting difference in the nation of Aotearoa — and to show the love of Christ in every corner of our communities.

The story below is just one of the many incredible stories of impact we have seen through our work.

“One of our Breakfast Club volunteers has grown up in the foster care system and was separated from his brother three years ago when they were fostered to different families. While serving breakfast food to kids at a Breakfast Club he looked up and saw his brother who he hadn’t seen in years.

That morning, in a little school hall they reconnected, sat down to eat breakfast together, and caught up for the first time in years. There was so much joy on their faces, they couldn’t stop smiling and looking at each other.”

ARISE Church is committed to continuing to serve breakfasts, to see families strengthened, and to make a change in the community.


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