Board Update: Review Timeline Update

The Arise review process was established as a robust and comprehensive review of Arise Church. The first stage in this process has been conducted by Pathfinding, creating a safe and trusted independent channel for people to share about their experiences at Arise. The priority was to ensure people felt their voices were heard and experiences confidentially recorded. 545 individuals completed submissions, and we are heartened to see this response.

We are incredibly grateful to all of those who made submissions into the Pathfinding process, and believe that their sharing will bring healing and reconciliation for those that have been hurt, and will help Arise to learn, grow, and become healthier and a more beautiful representation of Christ in Aotearoa and the world.

In the interests of transparency, and our desire to give voice to those who were hurt, a report will be released publicly, this was due to occur on Wednesday 29 June.

However, both Pathfinding and the Arise Church Board understand the need to act responsibly within the principles of natural justice and remain within the bounds of the law in what is presented in the final report, this is a process which will take further time and advice. We are committed to ensuring that there is no compromising of the integrity and independence of the Pathfinding process.

We anticipate the final version of the report will be made publicly available in around two weeks’ time. We will advise in due course the revised expected release date.

It is of prime importance that this report acknowledges and validates individuals' experiences within Arise church, difficult as some of these may be to hear. We are resolute in our commitment to this process.

We would like to affirm also that individuals are not named in this document, as we understand there has been some concern about this. It is also important to note, the Pathfinding process was not commissioned as an investigative process.

The report from Pathfinding will provide key themes and broad recommendations in light of the submissions that were made, regarding best practice in the care and welfare of staff, interns, and congregation members. It will also highlight any other key areas that may need to be addressed.

Post Pathfinding presenting their report, it will be followed by the Duncan Cotterill review being provided to the Arise Board in late July. Other specialist internal reviews from Parry Field Lawyers and the accounting firm, BDO will follow. The findings and recommendations from these reports will then be handed to the Review Advisory Council (RAC), who will consult with Arise’s staff and congregation before making final recommendations to the Arise Board.

— The Arise Board

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