ARISE Board Update 27th July 2022

Updates on Arise Review Roadmap

Following on from the Campus Pastors services update over the weekend the Board wants to provide further updates on the Arise Review Roadmap.

Two weeks ago, the Board shared that the Pathfinding report was subject to a non-publication order. This was as a result of an application being made to the Employment Relations Authority (ERA). This prevents the Arise Board from releasing the Pathfinding report. The non-publication order remains in place as an ERA process progresses. The Board is unable to give a timeframe on the release of the Pathfinding report and is committed to upholding its privacy obligations and so cannot comment further on the matter for now. The delay to the release of the Pathfinding report is deeply regrettable and the Board is working vigorously to resolve the delay.

As a result of the delay to the release of the Pathfinding report the Review RoadMap provisional dates have been revised. An update of the revised estimated dates can be found on the Review Roadmap website here. Over the coming weeks, however, the Board will receive the initial reports from Duncan Cotterill, Parry Field and BDO. As per the Review Roadmap these reports will be shared with the Review Advisory Council (RAC), the terms and membership of which the Board expects to finalise in the coming weeks.

The Board understands the frustration and anxiety caused by these delays. However, this review process is an important opportunity for our church to reflect deeply, to learn, to grow, and to become healthier and a more beautiful representation of Christ to Aotearoa and the world. Therefore, it is important the process is not rushed, and is robust and thorough, allowing the opportunity for consultation and input from as many people as possible. We are incredibly grateful for the patience and grace of the Arise congregation through this journey. We welcome feedback about this process which can be lodged via submission below.

Appointment of an Interim Spiritual Advisory

Over the past few months, the Board has been on a journey to strengthen the support, spiritual advice, and accountability it receives. While the Arise Review Roadmap scope will include the operation and function of a Spiritual Oversight (or possible Eldership), the Board felt it was essential to set up an interim advisory group to assist.

To carry us through the Arise Review Roadmap, it is a priority to have wise counsel to support this process, so with that in mind, the Arise Board wanted to share the appointment of an interim Spiritual Advisory group. The role of this group is to provide spiritual covering, accountability, and to offer guidance in the selection and appointment of individuals to the Review Advisory Council (RAC).

These individuals have been selected because they have ‘mana’ (respect) amongst their peers, have been involved or led our intercessory prayer ministry over their various years of service or have served as pastors/lay pastors within the Arise community. Their appointment has been made after consultation with Arise Leadership and finally through the unanimous approval by the Board. This group has been established for a term of 12 months and will be here to provide another level of accountability for the board. The Spiritual Advisory group has no legal authority, and exists solely to provide spiritual advice, guidance, and accountability. The congregation members appointed to this interim group are:

Adrian & Ingrid Gomez – Adrian and Ingrid Gomez have been members of the Christchurch Arise campus since its inception in 2007. They head up the intercessory prayer team and run prayer workshops with life groups and ministry school. They have been married for 36 years, with two married sons, and grandparents currently to nearly five grandchildren. They specialise in building marriages on biblical foundations and help set couples free from bondage through prayer, coaching, pre-marriage workshops/life group, and marriage retreats.

Mike & Anne Burrows – Mike and Anne Burrows have been a part of the Wellington Campus of Arise Church for the last 17 years. During that time, they have held a number of roles including leading Life Groups, overseeing the Prayer Team, teaching at the Ministry School, along with facilitating various courses. They work full-time with an organisation serving the global church.

Aaron & Pauline Halvorson – Aaron and Pauline Halvorson had both volunteered and been employed in various churches and roles before joining the Arise Church staff in 2015. Since that time, they have continued to support the church community in pastoral care. Aaron is currently on staff serving in Arise’s Whangarei Campus.

Ivan & Julie Wong Kee – Ivan and Julie have been a part of the Arise family for over 15 years and married for over 25 years. They have three young adult children. Together they have served both in the community and in church ministry for over 25 years. Julie has spent the later part of almost 10 years building and coaching strong families. Ivan has spent over 20 years ministering into various churches and miniseries. The Board wants to thank these individuals for their willingness to serve Arise, its Staff and its Members in this season.

Appointment of New Board Chair and Trustee

The Board has previously shared our current Board Chair and Trustee Graeme Kirkwood has resigned and will cease official duties July 30th, 2022. As part of the handover, last week the Board unanimously appointed Mrs Kylie Fletcher as the new Chairperson from Friday 22nd July. Kylie has been a member of Arise for over 17 years, and you can read more on her background on the Arise website here. The Board is incredibly grateful for Kylie’s willingness to take up this role and lead the Board during this challenging season.

The Board is also pleased to share that Ps Ben Kendrew has been appointed as a Trustee to the Board. As an Executive Trustee, Ben brings a perspective which will enhance the working relationship of the Board with the Leadership Team, Campus Pastors, and Staff. Graeme’s departure and Ben’s appointment brings the total number of Trustees to seven, with six Trustees being independent Non-Executive Trustees.

Media Enquiries

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