Announcing our Interim Lead Pastors

Dear church,

The Arise Board are happy to announce the appointment of Pastor Ben & Amy Kendrew as Interim Lead Pastors of Arise Church.

Given the state of change and the organisational reviews, we are pausing on the appointment of permanent leaders into the Lead Pastor role. However, following discussions with current and previous Arise Church leadership and other external Apostolic church leaders, the Board recognised the need for immediate interim pastoral leadership to guide Arise through this next season, while a process of defining, selecting, and appointing permanent church leadership is established.

We have seen first-hand the character of Ben displayed under pressure as we have worked alongside him for the past five months. Ben and Amy have a pastor’s heart for the lost and hurting, both in and outside of our church walls. They are deeply committed to building a healthier church, and bring a unique ability to bridge divides and bring reconciliation and unity. They have been advocates for the Campus Pastors and staff - a listening ear as well as a voice for the church. We believe that their leadership will bless and bring Arise through this next season and further our mission to transform cities with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.

After consultation with a number of external and internal spiritual advisors, and a period of prayer and reflection, the Board asked Ben and Amy to prayerfully consider the role of Interim Lead Pastors. The term of this role will be until 30 April 2023. By this time we will have confirmed permanent leadership for Arise or will review the role accordingly.

The Board is incredibly thankful for their courage, faithfulness and sacrifice in taking on this critical role during a challenging, but pivotal, season in Arise's journey.

Arise Board

Announcing Our Interim Lead Pastors

We are deeply honoured to have been asked to consider this role in this season. We do not take it lightly. When the Board asked us whether we could fulfil this role in the interim we asked for time to seek the Lord, speak with wise counsel and understand what was needed for our church in this moment.

It was of most importance to us to discern what God was asking of us and after a time of prayer and fasting, we believe that He was asking us to step into this leadership role through this challenging period of change for our church. God has spoken to us through scripture and trusted leaders to confirm this.

We have been part of Arise for almost the entire journey of this church. We count ourselves as a son and daughter of this house and know that our lives are included in the thousands that have been impacted by Jesus through this church.

While we know the great good that has come in this place, we are also aware of the need for us as a church to take time to listen and learn, to seek God and adapt in our cultures and practices as needed. We believe wholeheartedly that God has great days ahead for Arise and that this is a season for Him to strengthen our church.

We love the people of ARISE and want to see every person healed and whole. Our belief is that ARISE can continue to be a place where people can come spiritually alive and express their faith, find meaningful community, and outwork their God-given purpose. Alongside this, we are committed to beginning the process of necessary change to our systems, processes and culture to ensure this is the experience for every person who calls ARISE home.

We are extremely grateful to the staff team, and in particular, the campus pastors across the country, who have displayed great faith, resilience and hope throughout this year. Their support and encouragement of us in this interim lead pastor role has been a tremendous source of strength for us.

We are committed to faithfully serving the people of this church and we trust that God has a great plan for Arise in the days ahead.

Ben & Amy Kendrew

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