ARISE Ministry School

Our mission is to empower, equip and release a new wave of ministers & leaders into their God-given circles of influence.

ARISE Ministry School

Our mission is is empower, equip and release a new wave of ministers and leaders into their God-given circles of influence.

The ARISE Ministry School offers a well rounded experience with a diverse range of classroom learning, personal growth and practical ministry opportunities. We have two streams, our Part Time (one night plus Sunday) and our Full Time Course (3 days a week plus Sunday). Within our full time course, we offer 1, 2, or 3 years of academic study and/or internship.

If you're interested in giving God a year of your life, text 027 314 2623 and we will be in contact with you within the next two weeks to answer any of your questions or help you take your next step towards becoming a student in 2020.

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"What is in you will be drawn out of you"
— John Cameron


John & Gillian Cameron

John & Gillian Cameron

Lead Pastors of ARISE Church

18 years ago on our first ever trip to Wellington, I felt God promise me that one day we would build a large facility in which we would train and release a new generation of ministers and leaders for the church of New Zealand and around the world. That people young in spirit would be empowered, equipped and released.

At the time Gillian and I were sitting in a taxi; the church was barely a dream in our hearts. Now that promise is being fulfilled.

We’ve seen hundreds of students come through our Internship School and now with the ARISE Centre we can house our Ministry School and continue to see many people step out into their God-given circles of influence.

God may be calling you to set aside a season to grow in character and leadership for one, two or three years, whether it is now or in the years to come. We pray that God directs your path. You are never too old or too young to make a difference and be a catalyst for change.

Much love,
John & Gillian.


Full Time Courses

We offer courses for 1, 2 or 3 years. These courses provide an environment where students are challenged to grow in their schools and operate with increased effectiveness in ministry. Whilst practical, task-based work is a key focus for any student – an even greater importance is placed on spiritual input. Worship and discipleship are an integral part of the programme, where students are ministered to by ARISE pastors and leaders. Students will have both a major and minor area of service. Week to week, students will work closely with ARISE staff in a fast-paced office environment, often alongside a team of others majoring in the same area. Each day in the office is varied and offers new opportunities for learning and growth. The year runs from February to December.

Information for 2021 will be available online from August 2020.

Part Time Course

Our night school is for those in fulltime careers and busy parents and provides an environment where students can develop with further study to deepen their knowledge in God, their practical skills and life experiences of Christian faith within a practical environment. This equips them for service in their local church and area of influence. Students will learn from ARISE pastors and teachers and will develop the ability to read the Bible with a perspective similar to the writer, gain an understanding of basic Pentacostal theology, principles of godly leadership, learn how the Holy Spirit works in our lives, ministry practicals and so much more. The course is one night of your week for 30 weeks and will run from March to November.

Semester Two details:
Course dates: 21st July - 17th November 2020.
Course timetable: Every Tuesday night from 7-9pm online.
Course costs: $250 for semester two.

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Year 1

For first year interns, ARISE offers a Certificate in Christian Ministries or a Diploma in Christian Ministries in association with Laidlaw College.

This programme is a great foundational course for those who wish to serve in the local church, deepen their knowledge of the Bible and their Christian faith. Time is divided between practical work, discipleship, reflections and lectures.

Year 2
Diploma/Practical Internship

For those who want to take the next step in their ministry life and expanding into further study. After first year, interns can choose whether they continue in their academic study or do a practical internship only.

Time will be divided between practical work, discipleship, reflections and lectures and second year interns will be given more responsibility in practical work of building the church.

Year 3
Full practical internship

Third year interns can choose to complete a third year of internship, with a purely practical focus. This could include being part of a church planting team or responsibility for a key area of a church function. Interns can choose whether to continue in academic study or do a practical internship only.

Ask a Question


I am not a New Zealand Resident or Citizen, can I do an Internship?

We currently don’t have any courses for International Students but if you would like to do a practical internship you are more than welcome to apply. We are unable to help with any forms of visas at this stage.

Can I work part time and do a full time internship?

Yes, you can. You will be required for three mid week days and a Sunday, so you can work for up to three days but we encourage maximum of two days – so you are able to have a day of rest.

Do you help with accommodation?

No, we don’t specifically but we will endeavour to point you in the right direction if you are keen to flat or board within our church congregation. There is no guarantee of accommodation though.

Can I get a student loan or allowance?

If you choose to take up a Certificate or Diploma through Laidlaw College, you are able to apply for a student loan or allowance but if you are doing a full practical you will not be able to access student loans or allowances.

Can I choose where I am placed in an internship role?

You can specify your preferred area but the first year of your internship is very much about growing in ministry and in character and we endeavour to place you in the area we think will grow you.