Ministry School

ARISE Ministry School

Our mission is to empower, equip and release a new wave of ministers and leaders into their God-given circles of influence.

The ARISE Ministry School offers a life-changing experience of personal growth and practical ministry opportunities. We have two streams, our full time day course (three days a week, plus Sunday) and our part time night course (one night a week online, plus Sunday). Within our full time course, we offer one, two or three years of practical ministry.

If you are interested in giving God a year of your life and want to know more about our Ministry School, email our team and they will answer any of your questions and help you take your next step towards becoming a student in 2023.

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Day School

We offer courses for 1–3 years. These courses provide an environment where students are challenged to grow in their skills and operate with increased effectiveness in ministry. Whilst practical, task-based work is a key focus for any student—an even greater importance is placed on spiritual input. Worship and discipleship are an integral part of the day school, where students are ministered to by ARISE pastors and leaders.

Each student will have a supervisor and a mentor that they will meet with regualarly. The supervisor will manage their workload and provide opportunities to grow in their skills. Student mentors will help them grow spiritually and provide guidance and support as they grow in their ministry experience.

Week to week students will work closely with ARISE staff in a fast-paced office environment, often alongside a team of others majoring in the same area. Each day in the office is varied and offers new opportunities for learning and growth.

The year runs from February to December. Further details about each year can be found below.

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Online Night School

Our online Night Ministry School is for those in full time careers, business owners, university students, and busy parents. It provides an environment where students can learn from our ARISE teachers and pastors midweek, and practically outwork what they have learnt in their area of service throughout the week. During this course, students will learn on how to lead with increased effectiveness in ministry.

Every Tuesday, students will have two 1-hour online sessions — one on ministry practicals and the second on Bible and theology. In the ministry practicals stream, students will learn about:

  • Growing healthy teams
  • Discipleship
  • Pastoral care
  • Evangelism
  • Prayer and fasting
  • How to use their God-given gifts, and release others into theirs
  • Hearing from the Holy Spirit
  • Spiritual disciplines and much more
In our Bible and theology stream, students will learn how to read the Bible with a perspective similar to the writer, Pentecostal theology, parables and gifts of the Spirit.

During Friday and Sunday services, students will build and lead teams in their chosen area of service to see them released into a new level of leadership and effectiveness in ministry. This course is made up of two semesters which can be completed within one year or by completing each semester in differenct years.

This course is accessible to all, in any location, and it fits in with a busy life. At the completion of a year of Night Ministry School, our students will be empowered to step into their God-given gifts to fulfil the vision of building a church that transforms communities with the truth and love of Jesus Christ. Over the year students will be challenged and will grow in their leadership capacity in all aspects of their lives through the teaching of the Night Ministry School.

Course Details

Day School

Day school students can complete up to three years of Ministry School, with a complete practical focus.

Course fees:
Second year: $750
Third year: $500

Online Night School

Every Tuesday night online from 7pm to 9pm and serving on a Friday or Sunday team.

Semester One: 7th Mar – 4th Jul with a break for school holidays
Semester Two: 1st Aug – 21st Nov with a break for school holidays

Course fees: $250 per semester