Over the last few years ARISE has taken significant ground both spiritually and physically. The passion, commitment and generosity of our church has brought us to a place of great strength and potential.

We believe that the Church is becoming stronger and stronger with every new generation. Today, we think of the next generation; the ones who will stand on our shoulders.

What will the Church in our Nation look like in 25 or 50 years' time?

What will the next generation inherit from us, what future will they walk into?

Our goal is
To build a
of influence
for the
Nation of
New Zealand


The buildings we build today will house the harvest tomorrow.

We are committed to owning the right buildings in the right locations. We are not just living or setting up for the here and now, but thinking and planning for the future.


Our vision as a church is to share the truth and love of Jesus Christ, because in Him is life in all its fullness.

ARISE Care plays an integral role in this vision—outreaching to our community and acting as a testimony of God’s goodness.

ARISE Expand

ARISE Expand encompasses all of our activity that extends our influence in the nation of New Zealand and beyond.

This includes the ARISE Ministry School, new campus launches, and our work with university students.

ARISE Empower

ARISE Empower is all about equipping, training and strengthening other churches across New Zealand and beyond.

By empowering other churches we can see many more people impacted.

They Grow
and Stronger
With Every
Step Forward

Psalm 84:7 TPT

ARISE Expand

Palmerston North

Launching 2019

In 2019 we are excited to launch a campus of ARISE Church in Palmerston North.

We have always had a clear mandate to engage with university students and Palmerston North is a key university city in our nation.

This is a place of diversity, creativity and growth. A place of great potential! We cant wait to connect with people from every age and stage of life — from students to young families, teenagers to working people.

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