An ARISE Easter production

Mad World

What are you willing to lose to gain it all?

MAD WORLD is another compelling ARISE production which follows the journey of a man on a quest for success and significance. Caught up in the rat-race, he is faced with hard decisions that pull him in two opposing directions. Ultimately, he must ask himself a question that humankind have asked throughout history — what in life has such great value that I would lose everything else for?

April 16

We invite you to join us for our free  Easter Production Service ‘Mad World’ at  one of six locations across New Zealand.

Select your location:

  • ARISE Online

  • Whangarei

    10am & 5pm
    Forum North

  • Hamilton

    9:30am, 11:15am & 5pm
    Hamilton Girls High School

  • Kapiti

  • Wellington

    10am & 5pm
    Michael Fowler Centre

  • Christchurch

    9:30am, 11:15am & 5pm
    Aurora Centre

  • Dunedin

    10am & 5pm
    Glenroy Auditorium

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