At His Table

Easter at Arise — 9 April 2023

The honour of your presence is requested At His Table.

Easter is the true story of an invitation to the table of the risen King, the life-giving God, the hope of the world, Jesus Christ. At His table, all are welcome to sit, feast, and share in His goodness.

Through engaging worship and creative story-telling, we explore how Easter is a story for every person, everywhere. Whatever season of life you find yourself in, there is room for you. Come and be seated, as you discover the true essence of Easter and what it means to you.

What to expect

On your arrival to our services, our Parking Team will help you find a park. Our Welcome Teams will guide you through our foyers and to a seat if you need assistance. During the service there will be dynamic music and multimedia, stories of real life change and an inspirational message about the hope we have in Jesus.

Full kids programmes will be available.

Times and locations

Sunday 9th April, 2023