Our Story

Lead Pastors

John Cameron

John Cameron is a dynamic preacher and visionary leader. His passion is to build the church and see as many people as possible discover a relationship with Jesus Christ. His leadership insight, passionate speaking and experience building the church has seen ARISE become an inspiration to the Church in New Zealand and beyond.

Gillian Cameron

Gillian Cameron is a dynamic minister with an insightful message and a vibrant joy. Her heart to see people discover what God has for them causes her to inspire people to live life to the full.

Together John and Gillian are the lead pastors of ARISE Church. Because of their deeply rooted belief in the local church, and their relentless passion to inspire a generation of believers who will fulfil their God-given destiny, ARISE has grown from a group of 7 people in a small dance and drama studio to a church of thousands in 7 different locations.

‘We set out to build a
church for lost people’

“We originally set out to build a church for lost people, not for the religious. This fundamental value has shaped our message and is at the core of what we want continually try to personify - a heart for people and for the lost. It has always been about valuing every one person, people who want to go on the journey of finding Jesus and putting Him first in their lives. Right from the start we have always desired more than to just know someone’s name - we want to know their story as well. A genuine desire to love and care for people is the foundation of what ARISE is all about.”

“We want to touch homes, families, lives, universities, schools, prisons, and hearts with a message of faith and hope. Our mandate is to rethink church norms, build on the foundations others have laid and see the church of New Zealand overflow with life. These are the days of revival, these are the moments of the harvest.”


“The early life of the church was the laying down of a foundation for God to do something rapid. The next 10 years of ARISE will be defined by a new horizon ‐ winning this nation for Jesus.”

“Our mission is to build a church that is a defier of boundaries, limits, and norms. With this in mind it no longer seems appropriate to define our vision by city or regional boundaries.”

ARISE Conference ‐ For the Church of NZ

ARISE Conference is a gathering point for the church of New Zealand and beyond. It has grown since its inception in 2008 to become a national gathering of the churches of New Zealand; a place for pastors, leaders and Christians to display our unity, be inspired by a corporate gathering and be equipped to better serve in and grow their local churches.

For the Church of NZ

“ARISE will be a church for all New Zealanders. We’re building a new model of church that is open and accessible to anybody, anywhere.”

“We are committed to moving forward everyday to see New Zealand won for Christ. Our passion is to do everything within our grasp to reach this nation for Jesus.”